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H-1B Employment

H-1B Temporary Workers in a Specialty Occupation are nonimmigrants who are authorized to engage in employment for a specific employer in the United States. A specialty occupation requires theoretical and practical application of a body of knowledge in a professional field and at least the attainment of a bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, as a minimum for entry into the occupation in the United States.

See also Maintaining H-1B Status.

The private sector cap on Hs does not apply to academic institutions and federal labs. USCIS authorizes 65,000 new H-1B for positions in industry each fiscal year. There are an additional 20,000 H-1Bs available for individuals with a U.S. master's degree or higher each fiscal year. This annual limit on the number of H-1Bs for the private sector is referred to as the H-1B cap. H-1B academic institutions, certain nonprofit research organizations, and government employers are exempt from the cap and can file H-1B petitions at any time.