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J-1 Scholar Employment

Maintaining lawful nonimmigrant status is your responsibility. The International Offices are available to assist you in understanding your responsibilities if you have any questions..

J-1 scholars are nonimmigrants engaged in research or teaching at Caltech and JPL during their J program, as indicated by the temporary period of validity of their DS-2019s.  

See also information for J-2 Dependents.

Occasional Lectures and Short Term Consultations

J-1 scholars are only authorized to undertake the activities described in section 4 of the DS-2019.  Professors, research scholars, and short term scholars may participate in occasional lectures and in short term consultations, with an international advisor's prior authorization.  These lectures or consultations must directly relate to your program activities, must be incidental to your primary program activities, and must not delay the completion date of your program.  You must consult with your international advisor before you engage in any activities not described on your DS-2019.

Work Sites

The J-1 program is site specific.  Please contact your international advisor if you are going to be engaged in activities that are located off campus so that we can update your SEVIS record.


Your DS-2019 should accurately represent your funding sources.  Please contact your international advisor if your funding source is going to change so that we can update your DS-2019.