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Prepare for departure.

Prior to your departure please contact your:

  • International Advisor to discuss your future nonimmigrant plans prior to leaving Caltech or JPL.
  • Faculty Sponsor and your Administrative Support Person to complete all necessary administrative paperwork before departure.
  • JPL scholars should also contact the Section Supervisor to complete all necessary administrative paperwork before departure.

File federal and state taxes. If you received a paycheck from Caltech or JPL, you will receive a tax document in January or February next year. This piece of mail is critical for filing your US tax documents.  Please be sure to update your forwarding address in order to receive it.

Caltech students and scholars: Please update your forwarding street address and email address on access.caltech before you leave Caltech. If you need to update your address after you have left, please email Human Resources.

JPL scholars: Please update your forwarding address through JPL Human Resouces.

If you are a non-resident for tax purposes, you will be able to use Sprintax, a web-based software program, to prepare your federal tax filing. Please see our tax page.

Retain documents. It is important that you retain all documentation pertaining to your immigration status related to your stay in the United States. This may include current and expired passports, all I-20s, DS-2019s, I-797 approval notices, I-94 print outs and EADs (Employment Authorization Documents). These records are important to establishing your compliance with U.S. immigration laws.