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The International Offices are responsible for all immigration-related matters for international students and scholars at Caltech and JPL.  Within the International Offices, we understand that immigration regulations and procedures can seem confusing to international visitors and to the administrators who wish to invite them to the Institute.  Ultimately it is the individual's responsibility to maintain U.S. immigration status, but the International Offices provide them with information and resources to assist.

The International Offices are here to help Caltech and JPL international students and scholars understand the immigration rules and regulations that impact areas of their day-to-day life, including issues related to enrollment and employment.

We are also here to assist Caltech and JPL departments and administrators with invitations to international students and scholars from around the world.

Our Request

We ask that the International Offices be the only office to communicate immigration-related matters, such as the appropriate type of visa that might be applicable to each international student, scholar, or visitor (even if no visa is expected to be needed). While some cases may seem straight forward, individual circumstances can easily change eligibility for certain types of immigration support.