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Tax Information & Seminars

The International Offices encourage international students and scholars to become familiar with the U.S. federal and state tax structure. Please review the information about Tax Considerations before you arrive in the United States so that you can have a better understanding of your expected income.  We also provide useful information about social security numbers (SSN) and individual tax payer identification numbers (ITIN) on our website.  In the Spring of each year, the International Offices provides access to a tax software program to assist with the preparation of your federal nonresident tax return.  We also offer a seminar to assist you with preparing your Calfiornia state nonresident tax return.  

Please note that Caltech staff are not trained or qualified to provide any advice regarding tax filing or tax treaty benefits. If you require specific information about your Caltech paycheck with regards to tax treaties and tax withholdings, please contact the HR Payroll Hotline (x8668).