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Maintaining Legal Status

Each nonimmigrant status has its own requirements and obligations.  Maintaining legal status is critical in order to maintain eligibility for study, employment, and future visits to the United States. Seemingly minor, one-time violations could result in accrual of unlawful presence and the triggering of severe penalties like a 3-year, 10-year or permanent bar from the United States. Furthermore, a student or scholar’s proper maintenance of status is scrutinized by government agencies at various immigration milestones. Some immigration missteps may not have immediate consequences. However, any prior violations will be discovered, resulting in the denial of the immigration benefit being sought, the triggering of a 3 or 10 year bar from the United States, and the derailment of the career you are working hard to pursue. Please become acquainted with the rules that apply to your immigration category and reach out to your immigration advisor if you have questions.

Maintaining lawful nonimmigrant status is your responsibility. The International Offices are available to assist you in understanding your responsibilities if you have any questions.

The International Offices assist international students and scholars after an appointment to visit or work at Caltech/JPL has been offered and accepted. The International Offices cannot provide immigration assistance or answer inquiries prior to acceptance of a Caltech/JPL appointment.