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Material Resources for Mothers and Children

Lactation Rooms and Lounges are located throughout the Caltech Campus and are available to all Caltech affiliates. Rooms vary from private enclosures to one room on campus with new equipment and a refrigerator.

The Furniture Pool and Toy Library (FPTL) are services offered by the Caltech Women’s Club to the Caltech and JPL community. If you want to borrow toys and children’s items such as cribs, strollers, high chairs, baby clothes and other useful items for babies and children, you must be a member of the Caltech Women’s Club and pay a nominal yearly fee (as of April 2017, it's $12 per year).
Contact Ning Jiang - or - Veronica Aguirre  for more information.

Meals for Moms.A one-month, complimentary dinner delivered to the families of new born-babies in the Caltech and JPL community. However, Meals for Moms is on hiatus at the moment (looking for a volunteer to maintain this service). if you are interested, please contact the Caltech Women’s Club.


Financial Assistance

See the Finance section, in the Subsidies paragraph.


DISCLAIMER:  The information provided on this website is for general information only.  Caltech does not endorse or recommend any of the organizations listed.  Caltech does not inspect the providers and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or the quality of the supervision or education your child will receive.  The choice of your child's care provider and/or school is your responsibility.