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Top 6 Topics for Relocation and Adjustment in Pasadena

These Top 6 Topics are important to review before you leave home and they will continue to help you get settled after you arrive in Pasadena. 

Housing  Information about on-campus Caltech housing and off-campus rental accomodation.   

Health Insurance  Information about choices for U.S. insurance for all types of coverage including health, optical, and dental.

Banking and Finance  Information about the U.S. banking system and local banking institutions.

Driving  Information about driving in California and the choice between renting  or buying and insuring a car.

Emergency  Information and key phone number for medical and other emergency assitance, both on- and off-campus.

10 Must Have Apps on Your Phone Your smartphone may be your new  friend in your host country to help you get started in the U.S.