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We Understand Your Situation

You just moved from another country to accompany your spouse who accepted a new position at Caltech or JPL. You are simultaneously excited about the possibilities that a new country brings, such as new people, culture, and environment, but you might also feel challenged and overwhelmed. There are days you may feel lonely and at a loose end, especially if you used to work. You may also miss your home, family and friends, and food from your country while at the same time your spouse is making new professional connections and following his or her scientific or engineering passion with new coworkers. All of this may result in losing your self-esteem and feeling subsumed by low energy.

Even though the description above seems extreme and not completely related to your experience of culture shock, some parts may be true sometimes.

We are here to support you, to assist you as you look at your new life in California from another perspective and to encourage you to embrace your life in Pasadena, either through socializing, volunteering, working, or education. 

If you need additional information, please contact Barbara Avouac


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